Class description

Social animals
The reality has been repeated through human history: We are social beings. We carry out our lives among groups of our fellow beings and, except for the rare exception, we wither and die without contact with others.

However, the opposite is true as well. Numerous studies have shown:

  • We exercise more regularly when we do it with others.
  • We diet more effectively when we do it with others.
  • We study better when we are part of a study group.
  • We learn better (although it might now always feel that way) when we learn as part of a group.

So it should be no surprise that counseling and therapy can be far more effective in a group setting.

In this course we will look at the theory of groups: therapeutic factors, leader functions, stages of groups, ethical considerations.

However, the class is built around practice. We will conduct parts of each class as a group. We will process our experience as group members and learn from the experience. You will also plan and lead your own group session. In this way, I hope, you will gain intellectual and emotional insight into group work.