What is this course about?

“Listening creates a holy silence.”
Rachel Remen

Learning the discipline of listening
This course is about “communication skills.” In our society, that sounds like you might be learning about how to talk to clients. However, the fundamentals of deep communication are much more about listening, than talking. Always remember, you can learn much about your client when you listen to your client; you learn little while you are talking.

In this course, while you will learn about talking to clients, you must never forget that the bedrock of communication is listening. Listening requires discipline: disciplined attending, disciplined focus, disciplined presence, disciplined silence, disciplined waiting. You must learn to silence your own thoughts, analyses, and desire to fix things. You must learn to follow, not to lead.

“Therapy isn’t Radio. We don’t need to constantly fill the air with sounds.”
Mary Pipher

Learning to trust
If you learn to listen effectively, you will also learn to trust your client and your instincts. As a beginning therapist, your urge will be to find techniques or strategies that make this work easier. However, as Corey says, you must learn that you are your best technique. I hope this course will help you learn to trust yourself as a therapist, trust the common factors, and remember that technique and theory must always serve the client-therapist relationship.

You are beginning an exciting journey. To this point, you have been building your intellectual base. But now it is time to let go of that base and immerse yourself in the flow of the therapeutic endeavor.