What is this course about?

Content and identity

Training to be a professional counselor is about learning content. So, this course is about:

  • The history of the counseling profession.
  • The type of work counselors do.
  • The kind of places counselors work.
  • The differences between counselors and other behavioral health professionals.
  • The ethics of professional practice.

You will also learn about graduate studies, and what it means to be a graduate student in a professional training program. So, this course is also about:

  • What to expect from graduate education.
  • What will be expected of you as a graduate student.
  • How to succeed as a graduate student.
  • How to begin to master graduate-level academic writing.
  • The APA Publication Manual.

However—and most important—you will learn about you. Training to become a counselor is about more than learning information. Ultimately, the training is about you learning about who you will be as an authentic and effective counselor.

What this means is that this journey’s ultimate goal will be about you beginning to create your personal identity as a professional counselor.

I invite you on a journey. However, it is not a journey about a particular destination, or a particular job. It is instead, a lifelong journey to live out a vocation.